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Eggs and Hamsters - Who eats, and who gets eaten

by Laurel and Guinevere

Times they are a changing at WPI. Not in the way that the Blue Ribbon Task Force envisions it, but the way shaap eyed, wickit smaaht WPI students see it. (Patented Woostah speak)

Do this simple experiment:

  1. Find a copy of the Two Towers logo. Look on letterheads, school signs, etc. Basically any college propaganda.
  2. Now, look at the time on the clock. What time is it?
  3. Some people doing this little experiment will respond 4:00, of course. Others will say, about 3:09. Who's right?
  4. Find another logo and repeat step 1. (Stop after a few times, we don't want CS majors complaining of infinite loops in this column.)
You should be able to find both times if you look hard enough. What is the significance of this discovery? Not much, really. Just kinda' weird.

We did extensive research, (extensive is a relative term) and made a listing of the places where each time is shown.


  • All school letterheads
  • Course Catalog
  • Parking Lot Signs


  • Newspeak Masthead
  • WPI Poster
Both times are found on official WPI material. It seems that whenever the Two Towers are shown as a silhouette, the time reads 4:00. In more detailed drawings, the time is 3:09. Why is this so?

Does this mean that the designers of the Two Towers could not figure out how to represent 3:09 in a silhouette form? Or is this a secret government plot to render future top engineers helpless with confusion? Why pick either time at all? What is the cosmic significance of 4:00 and 3:09? What's so "special" about "Special Sauce"?

If anyone knows for sure, (about the clocks, not "special sauce", well, if you know that too) or has other questions regarding other newsworthy (newsworthy is also relative) aspects imperative to the well-being of the WPI community for us to cover, please drop a note addressed to Philler, c/o Newspeak, Box 2700 into a handy-dandy inter campus mailbox. If someone can respond with the answer to this perplexing time problem, we'll be sure to announce the revelation to the WPI community the next time Newspeak needs more Philler.

Send your thoughts, observations, and questions to us at