November 13, 2001
Sardines and Diamondbacks - We agree to pause and rant

Laurel and Guinevere retired on April 23, 1996. Things change, though, and now they're back. All of their articles are collected here for your reading pleasure. Many of the topics in these articles will make much more sense if you attend(ed) WPI. If you know nothing about WPI, you will find it slightly more obscure, but hopefully just as entertaining.

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Philler is written by Laurel and Guinevere, two currently former students of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. With a little help from some divine inspiration they write column which appears in Tech News (formerly Newspeak, formerly Tech News), WPI's student newspaper. Everything found in the articles does not necessarily reflect the views of WPI, Tech News, or even the previously mentioned writers. Do not take anything mentioned in Philler seriously, except of course, those portions which are meant to be taken seriously. Thank you. Special thanks goes to Tim Wilde for writing our CGI for us.

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