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Mystery Philler 3000

Sung to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme song

In the not-to-distant-future,
on W-P-I-R...
There were two wacky guys,
Who were going a bit too far.
They went to this very Institute.
Just two of the few who gave a hoot.
They had a good time filling up the space,
But since Boynton wouldn't like it,
they put pseudonyms in place...

They wrote for the campus paper.
Their editors must be blind.
(la la-la)
Complaints came in both left and right
'Bout the strange things they did find.
(la la-la)
They have one mind they both control,
But you'll never know just when.
(la la-la)
You will have to sit and listen now,
'Cuz the show just never ends.

Music Roll Call:
Pearl Jam, Giants, Pink Floyd, Tooooad...

If you're wondering how they get ideas,
And other silly facts.
(la la-la)
Then repeat to yourself it's just a show
I should really just relax.
With Guin-e-vere and Lau-rel on Fri-days...

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