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Phan Club

The following people have had their letters published in Philler and therefore are official PPC members. Want to be a Philler Phan Club member? Send us a question that's puzzling you, or an observation you want to hear our view on to This list is definitely in no particular order.

 NameArticles We Mentioned Them In (A.W.M.T.I.)
1.Dennis Wayne Jackson03/21/1995
2.Jennifer Ann Johnson10/31/1995
3.Jason Scott Anderson04/18/1995
4.Daniel Parker Hartman12/06/1994
5.Jeffrey Alan Alderson10/03/1995
6.John Lott Brown01/24/1995
7.Alan W. Head09/06/1995
8.James Eric Lagrant10/11/1994
9.Timothy John Wilde02/06/2001
10.Michelle C. Prudente11/01/1994
11.Ellis H. Bougiouris11/22/1994
12.Edward A. Parrish ††09/12/1995
13.Patrick Thomas Delahanty11/15/199403/28/1995
14.David Michael Koelle02/07/199504/25/199501/16/1996
15.David Kurt Spencer04/18/199504/25/1995
16.Kari Elise Blinn **09/20/1994
17.Gregory R. Snow04/11/1995
18.Brian D. Pothier11/15/199410/31/1995
19.Jeffrey Montigney02/22/1994
20.Jami Beth Walsh ***02/21/199511/14/1995
21.Stephanie I. Gagne11/01/1994
22.Michelle R. Vadeboncoeur09/20/199412/06/1994
23.Bob Mason02/07/1995
24.Franklin P. Muckley, Jr.04/25/1995
25.Wes Jones ***
26.Matthew Michael Lug04/23/199602/13/2001
27.Edward John Cameron10/03/199512/05/1995
28.Robert-Sean Patrick Harley02/13/2001
29.Denise A. Hewson10/11/1994
30.Kristen Ladner (Greene) *02/28/199508/29/199509/26/199501/16/199602/06/2001
31.Catherine A. Raposa02/06/2001
32.Nick Conti02/22/199403/29/199401/24/1995
33.Brian Thomas Parker01/31/199509/06/199511/07/1995
34.Kirsty E. Reidy02/28/1995
35.Erica Ann Curran †02/07/1995
36.David Alan Rothgery02/28/1995
37.Jason Peter Mickey04/11/1995
38.John Gibeau02/21/1995
39.Craig James Howitt02/28/1995
40.Henry Gabryjelski †††04/25/1995
41.Amy Lynne Marr (Plack)09/13/199402/07/199503/21/199504/11/1995
42.Michael Sherman10/12/1993
43.Nicholas Joseph Mollo03/21/1995
44.Thomas Gerhard Seidenberg11/08/1994
45.Eduardo M. A. Oliveira10/03/1995
46.Daniel Jose Lorente
47.Troy Bret Thompson01/24/1995
48.Christine Jesensky ***02/22/199404/11/1995

If you have a certificate and we've missed you on this list, sorry. It was generated late at night as with everything else related to this column. Just send us a letter and we'll put you on here. If you have your own homepage, write to us, and we'll link your name to it too.

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